Kyocera's Suite of HyPAS

To learn more about HyPAS or request HyPAS application information please contact your Account representative at Milwaukee Office Products.




AccuSender powered by Biscom Utilizing Biscom's Secure File Transfer* (SFT) private cloud or on-premise solution, KYOCERA's AccuSender powered by Biscom allows users to send hardcopy files of up to 100 GB or larger without email server file size limitations. AccuSender also offers enhanced security through Biscom by using the National Institute of Standards and Technology's FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.

*A Biscom SFT account is required


AccuSender Fax Leverage existing network infrastructure by using this application as the on-ramp to send documents through select corporate fax servers that are already in place. Easily attach scanned paper documents as electronic messages and transmit to a recipient's fax number.


DMConnect Pro Simplify your document workflow and increase productivity with an easy to use drag and drop graphic user interface. Eliminate manual entry with Kyocera's 2D Barcode feature, and review the scanned information before routing documents with Kyocera's data validation feature.


DMConnect A robust business application that automates document-driven business processes by transforming a Kyocera MFP into an on-ramp for routing documents into an enterprise's Document Management System. As a result, businesses can capture, store, retrieve and share files quickly, easily and securely


Exchange Connector* Scan hardcopy documents and send them as user-identified e-mail attachments to multiple recipients directly from the Kyocera MFP, while leveraging audit trail features of Microsoft Exchange for security and compliance purposes.


KYOCERA HomePOINT / KYOCERA HomePOINT Advanced Maximize productivity and leverage existing infrastructure with intuitive scan-to and print from home folder features. Without middleware or server add-ons required, the HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP becomes a bi-directional portal for files stored in the active directory account.


Nuance AutoStore Transform the Kyocera MFP touchscreen control panel into a feature-rich interface – enabling users to capture, process and route their hard copy documents. Effectively clean up digitized documents, convert them into a variety of file formats and route them to virtually any programmed destination with ease.


PanelPlus Customize the scanning and copying features on the MFP control panel by creating preset one-touch buttons to maximize document imaging efficiency and reduce errors


PinPoint Scan 3 Users across an organization can scan and send documents to any one of their personalized destinations through a single, easy-to-install application.


Private Scan Boost efficiency by simply scanning and emailing a document from a network connected Kyocera MFP, to a user's own mailbox. A quick setup, easy to use interface and integration into Active Directory makes this solution simple and secure when accessing your documents.


Teaching Assistant Streamline the task of creating, printing, grading and analyzing multiple-choice tests using bubble sheet forms – allowing educators to concentrate on teaching and lesson plan development.




AccessLock Control and limit user groups' access to specific functions on the MFP for greater cost savings and security.


Card Authentication Enable administrators to improve device security and track usage for reporting purposes, utilizing existing HID employee identification cards.


CentraQ Pro Bring cost-effective print management to the organization by tracking usage data of networked Kyocera devices. CentraQ Pro's advanced tracking and cost accounting capabilities will help businesses reduce costs and improve productivity, while keeping information protected.


CentraQ Minimize the risk of unauthorized access to confidential documents left at a device with secure job release functionality. CentraQ is designed for smaller organizations and supports Kyocera MFPs and printers, bringing tremendous value for your customers' secure print requirements.


Cryptek* Protect networks by requiring user authentication via a smart card (CAC/PIV) and PIN, subsequently preventing unauthorized users from accessing confidential information or distributing unauthorized materials.


Jamex* Provide a secure, stable and reliable payment and tracking solution for self-service copy and print with Jamex NetPad Touch. Available for both credit card processing or account-based tracking and payment, NetPad Touch elevates cost control and chargeback for any organization.


Nuance Equitrac Deliver accountability and control of printed output for corporate, education, healthcare, financial services and legal markets with Nuance Equitrac. Nuance's solutions are mission-critical to all companies looking to effectively manage their printing environments, reduce printing costs, increase security and promote environmental sustainability.


PaperCut MF* Cost-effective print/copy management and tracking solution ideal for educational institutions and businesses. This cross-platform solution facilitates accounting, secure and mobile print release, print archiving, and mobile print capabilities.


Pcounter Optimize MFP usage and reduce waste by managing the workflow of documents that are being printed, copied, scanned or faxed.


Print Audit Print Audit Embedded helps recover document costs and increase printing security and productivity directly from the control panel of Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFPs. Print Audit Embedded is a complete document tracking, charge-back and secure release solution that eliminates the need for external hardware.


RF IDeas Blend the need for security and convenience by utilizing the existing employee ID badge for authentication and identification through RF IDeas – creating a proven, secure solution that reduces paper and toner costs, and adding an additional layer of security.


Ringdale FollowMe* Help organizations reduce cost, protect valuable data and optimize the efficiency of printing environments with FollowMe, the trusted solution for cost-effective office printing. FollowMe grows with the needs of the business, delivering continuous improvement to document workflow.


Sepialine Argos OnBoard for Kyocera is part of the Argos Print Management solution that tracks and controls print, copy, scan and fax activity on a wide variety of printers and MFPs. It also provides user authentication and print, copy and scan tracking to any HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs.


Tiered Color Monitor Gain flexibility and control of your color printing with Kyocera   Tiered Color Monitor. Whether printing a simple text document with a color   company logo, or a full color document, you gain a visual snapshot to current   and historical color usage when Tiered Color Monitor is enabled on the   device.




AirPrint Take advantage of native driverless printing from Apple's iOS and OS X products to select Kyocera MFPs and printers.


Cortado* Access files scanned from Kyocera MFPs on the go to support the mobile workforce's anytime/ anywhere document requirements.


EFI PrintMe Increase workplace productivity with Apple mobile device direct printing from a Fiery-enabled Kyocera MFP.


EveryonePrint* Secure mobile printing from any smartphone, tablet or mobile device to any Kyocera printer or MFP. Integrates with existing networks and expands the capabilities of mobile workers.


Google Cloud Print A flexible solution that allows users to print directly to a Kyocera device from a smartphone, tablet, PC, and any other web-connected device. Print anything, to any cloud-connected printer without installing a specific printer driver on your device. This solution provides anytime, anywhere access to documents and information wherever needed.


Google Connector* Google Connector enables users to access, search   and print Google e-mails, attachments and calendars directly from any   HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFP using the device's control panel.


KYOCERA Cloud Connect Connect users to their Evernote or Google Drive cloud storage directly from a Kyocera MFP touchscreen for anytime/anywhere document scanning and printing.


KYOCERA Mobile Print Effortlessly print, scan, store and retrieve documents right at the MFP with this value add application for mobile devices. KYOCERA's Mobile Print allows for easy wireless connectivity to a certified Kyocera MFP for a faster document process.


KYOCERA Mobile Print for Students Students can securely print documents and images and copy and print text from a clipboard to Kyocera MFPs and printers using their Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi Direct allows students to connect to a certified Kyocera MFP device without connecting to the network.


Mopria Enable simple and seamless mobile printing to Kyocera MFPs and printers from Android mobile devices. Mopria gives users the ability to wirelessly locate and connect with nearby compatible devices at work, at home or on-the-go.


MyPanel Conveniently operate select Kyocera MFPs or printers remotely from your smartphone or tablet.





ArtsylTech* Regardless of document type, integrate and collect incoming paper and electronic documents from Kyocera MFPs, user desktops or department scanners and fax servers, intuitively, without the need to set up predetermined profiles. ArtsylTech SimpleCapture automatically categorizes a document based on its attributes and learns as it goes.


DocuWare Connector Offers unprecedented integration with DocuWare through Kyocera MFPs and multi-functional printers by connecting to both the on premise and cloud version of DocuWare. Hardcopy documents can be securely scanned to DocuWare from any connected Kyocera MFP for processing, archiving or sharing; in addition, archived documents can be quickly located and printed on-demand from the control panel.


GoldFax* Fax enable all Kyocera HyPAS-capable MFPs without the added cost of fax hardware or the need to connect a fax line. The GoldFax Connector improves productivity and adherence to regulatory requirements.


MaxxVault* A scalable document management solution, MaxxVault Enterprise assists organizations of any size in reducing costs and improving productivity through an automated process for moving documents quickly and efficiently through an organization for review, analysis, processing and approval.


OnBase Connector* With Kyocera's OnBase Connector, you can scan, index and route documents into Hyland Software's OnBase 13 application directly from your Kyocera MFP.


PreservDOX PreservDOX allows you to store critical business documents on your designated Kyocera MFP's hard drive, for increased protection and document backup.


RightFax Connector Consolidate all faxing services on the network, giving users convenient access to faxing capabilities on the same devices used daily for printing, scanning and copying. Allows for reduced operating costs while adhering to security and compliance requirements.


SharePoint Connector Utilize your existing Microsoft SharePoint solution and Kyocera MFPs to transform paper-intensive environments into efficient digital workflows. Helps reduce operating expenses and improves efficiency and accountability by providing an audit trail for documents that were traditionally stored in hard copy format. Sharepoint Connector Education, Sharepoint Connector Enterprise, Sharepoint Connector Finance, Sharepoint Connector Legal, Sharepoint Connector Healthcare


Square 9 Connector Provides a real-time capture solution where users can scan paper documents directly into existing Square 9 Global Search workflows, capture images, extract high value data, notify users of a pending workflow activity, and search and print archived documents directly from the MFP control panel.





Command Center RX Enable users to view toner levels, paper availability and device status by entering the device's IP address into their Web browser.


KX Driver A single interface printer driver with a new user-friendly design and latest print features, such as batch copies, blank page skip, multiple stapling positions, and the ability to insert a blank page to ensure the integrity of a chapter's first page.


KYOCERA Net Admin Allow IT administrators complete control over their fleet with a Web-based device management solution. Offers customizable views for device groups according to dynamic criteria and comprehensive display of device information.


KYOCERA Net Viewer Comprehensive network management tool allowing administrators to monitor, maintain and update all output devices locally and remotely.


Language Exchange Allow users in multilingual environments to operate the Kyocera MFP control panel in their native language. Supporting French, Spanish and Portuguese, these applications allows users to switch from the device default language to their native language with a single touch, simplifying device operations.


SAP Device TypesComplete integration with SAP applications allows users to fully optimize Kyocera MFPs and printer feature sets.





EFI Fiery*  Integrated digital printing solutions, including scalable servers, controllers and RIPS, increase productivity and provide outstanding color and image quality.


KYOCERA Net Manager Securely and effectively manage user print policies (how and where users print) and print devices, with an easy to use administrative interface. You can easily design customizable reports, monitor color usage and become a true cost control center with this server-based, multi-faceted output management solution.


PRESCRIBE Create, store and print frequently used forms directly from a Kyocera MFP, saving on business resources such as network bandwidth, storage space, cost of letterhead or form printing, and costs associated with inventory management.


ROI Print Manager Optimize your fleet by tracking usage, requiring authentication, and enforcing print policies that drive down costs and reduce waste.


KYOCERA Cluster Printing Pro KYOCERA Cluster Printing Pro is a stand-alone solution that accelerates the process of printing by distributing a large print job using up to four Kyocera devices, effectively speeding up your printing output and increasing efficiency





To learn more about HyPAS or request HyPAS application information please contact your Account representative at Milwaukee Office Products.


* Please check with your local dealer for application availability.