Eco-friendly, Long-Life Products Offer Superior Economic Performance

What is the ECOSYS concept?

The ECOSYS concept consists of applying Kyocera own long-life technology to improve both "ecology" and "economy," simultaneously, by considering the global environment, while achieving reductions in running costs.


Products designed in consideration of the global environment address "ecology," while creating products which reduce the cost of running an office addresses the issue of "economy." Kyocera has incorporated these "eco" aspects in our unique ECOSYS concept, by which both are achieved, simultaneously, through our long-life technology.

Use of our ECOSYS long-life technology in printers and multifunctional products reduces the rate of disposal of replacement parts, which reduces both environmental impact and running costs, each of which are major office environmental issues.

The ECOSYS concept that "eco-friendly, long-life products offer superior economic performance" is part of our consciousness at Kyocera, where environmental considerations and efforts are important.