Black and White Multifunctional Product: TASKalfa 6004i

Higher Risks Mean Better Solutions

Security is a greater concern than ever before, with more large-scale cyberattacks
hitting the headlines every day. Businesses must preemptively prepare for potential
risks by equipping themselves with solutions that ensure data and networks are
constantly protected.
The Kyocera Evolution Series comes with a whole range of new security enhancements:



  • Certificates; Devices keep themselves up to date with latest security certificates, and use encrypted communications to validate their certificates. (SCEP  OCSP/CRL).
  • Encryption; Protect emails with authentication, digital signatures and encryption. A faster way to keep data secure in your network (S/MIME & TLS version 1.3).
  • Device Management; You will have the ability to log security events and monitor for
    malware, data leakage and other security breaches. (SIEM).


         Download the specifications for the TASKalfa 6004i MFP.