Black and White Multifunctional Product: TASKalfa 7004i

New Heights of Productivity,


Now more than ever, companies are seeking devices that are more agile and robust,
and ever-smarter ways of working. The Kyocera Evolution Series empowers companies to
maximize productivity like never before.


  • High Performance; Fast print and scan speeds for maximum efficiency.
  • Durability; Long-lasting toners ensure
    professional quality that lasts.
  • Paper Capacity; Less time filling paper trays means more time for quality work.
  • Proven Quality; Our devices have earned
    industry recognition for their reliability.
  • Optimal Security; Enjoy some of the most
    advanced security technology on the market today.
  • Digitization; Transform your workflows faster while pivoting to a paperless


        Download the specifications for the TASKalfa 7004i